Battle of the Songs Group J


So A Place For My Head came first obviously
Followed by Final Masquerade
Let Group J begin
N.B: Since ATS is out of songs B-Sides will take it’s place


  • Forgotten
  • Nobody’s Listening
  • In Pieces
  • New Divide
  • Until It Breaks
  • A Line In The Sand
    Now THP is out of songs it too will be replaced by a B-side for the next group


Forgotten is an underrated song. I think ALITS will win.


I think New Divide or Nobody’s Listening


How is Forgotten in the lead? (I love the song but I think ALITS beats every song on this list).


Forgotten has a good intro, straight into the hard stuff. ALITS is too long.


I only like the bit where mike kinda raps part and then i skip the rest of the song on ALITS


Really guys @the_termin8r1 @acemasters? I think it’s like the best song on THP


I prefer All For Nothing
And Rebellion and Final Masquerade


That’d be either. All for nothing, Rebellion or Wastelands for me.


I’ll give you All For Nothing. It’s my 2nd favorite (and current favorite song to play on guitar lol).


Well as it stands
ALITS and Forgotten are the only songs with votes
So as it stands they will go through


Holy moly HTF has no other song got a vote yet


Hit The Floor???


That wouldn’t make sense in context


the poll ddidn´t work, right? For me it is clear New Divide!


HTF is How The Fudge (trying not to swear)


Looks like Nobody’s Listening is in the fight


A Line In The Sand 100 metres above other songs in here, too easy xD


I was not expecting ALITS to be leading
Hats off to the song


ALITS is their best song, so…

But I’m surprised about NL being higher than IP and ND. It’s one of their worst songs ever and nobody likes it, lol.