Battle of the Songs Group K and the twist reveal


So A Line In The Sand and Forgotten makes it to the next round
Now the next group


  • Pushing Me Away
  • Numb
  • The Little Things Give You Away
  • Blackbirds
  • Powerless
  • No Roads Left


And now the twist
Time to insert a bonus group
Group HT


  • Carousel
  • Step Up
  • And One
  • High Voltage
  • Part Of Me


I don´t really undertand the system, but I vote on and on and got my fun, will it in the end become a kind like fanmix cd of the most wanted ones? :flushed:


Wouldn’t it be great for mix cd hehe

Group HT is extreamly close
Now that is a proper battle of the songs


Since, the HT EP songs are listed, is it assumed that high voltage is the proper one?


Is it the one on the HTEP?

There’s no proper (uncensored) version available anywhere anymore

*This was from 2003 :frowning: *


High Voltage is as a whole both the normal and remix version
Same as Carousel and Part of Me
Whichever version you want it to be it is
This should change the dynamics of the group abit mwahahahahahahaha


There’s the original:

And then the final one:


But still censored.
If LP still won’t upload the explicit version of High Voltage, It can only mean one thing:
Warner Bro made them delete the explicit version from their database thing whatever it’s called, cuz once sent to Warner Bro, Warner Bro owns all the rights to do whatever it wants with it.
Years later Warner Bro realized its mistake, so replaced the High Voltage (Bonus Track) on iTunes with the High Voltage (Bonus Track) [Live] Version, so that nobody can buy the censored studio version.

I like conspiracies…


Isn’t there only like 2 cursed words in the whole song


hey @acemasters seem to be a :sunglasses: at least, so let´s check it out until the most wanted 8-10 are voted and then ask the HQ to make sth official or you put it on soundcloud, it´s all official stuff, yeah, me and my visions, and, btw your polling system is not good! Please check out The challenge thread
and stay tuned, I´lll tag you if I got it done :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My polling system may not be great but it’s good enough to do this

Until I learn this system (which is alot different then what it used to be like) it will have to do


please read The challenge thread


I read it
I’ve not been tagged in the post
So i don’t understand what it has to do with me


Right now amitrish, samuel and walker are being challenged, they might tag you when they finish tonight. But I don’t know why it has been brought up here.


because I did a challangepost when :flushed: I post what my oppinion to your polling system is, only that part was made by challange, the rest is my :flushed: real oppinion, becomming a bit confused :flushed: in this challenge, think thats the :flushed: challange on a challange chanllanging till chalange is over please :flushed:


Yup there’s only like two swear words in the entire album, yet they chose to censor it anyway. That’s not the most maddening part. The most maddening part is that they released a very small amount of the uncensored CDs in Japan back in 2000 & never again can we get the explicit version (money cannot buy it). It is so rare you can’t find it on youtube (why do you think ppl keep asking all these years), even lpcatalog has not even catalogued the cd in which it belongs (they don’t even know exactly what CD it is on.) All we know is that it is hidden exclusively in tjose exclusive CDs in a few nondescript houses in Japan.


Speaking of censorship, I had to buy the clean version of ATS :unamused: (it was the only one on sale at the time) but the funny thing is that they forgot to censor Mike at one point during When they come for me so you can still hear him swearing :laughing:

@acemasters makes fun polls (if you’re wondering why I’ve randomly mentioned this it’s because it’s my challenge)


But alas, the explicit version of High Voltage, will never be on sale, for eternity.


good gamer @the_termin8r1 , taking kepping giving away- the circle of live- you can get the gentlemen badge btw… :relaxed: