Battle of the Songs: Hybrid Theory EP League Fixture 1 and 2


Before the play-offs and anything else here is the final league
Please Note: Due to the amount of songs in this league only the TOP 2 will progress and nothing else
Also My December will be included in this group
Please can all voters VOTE ON EVERY MATCH

Fixture 1

  • My December
  • High Voltage

0 voters

  • And One
  • Step Up

0 voters

  • Part Of Me
  • Carousel

0 voters

Fixture 2

  • My December
  • And One

0 voters

  • Part Of Me
  • High Voltage

0 voters

  • Carousel
  • Step Up

0 voters


Tag anyone I missed


And One vs Step Up? :disappointed_relieved:


I think all the songs were difficult to choose between!


Indeed! :scream:


It just occured to me… why did you do this league seperately from the LPU league?


Yes, you are the one who is asking the right questions.


Step up vs Carousel was annoying


The result of this will also reflect LPU 1 result as well so I when I do LPU Leagues
I will skip LPU 1


So it’s Fixture 1 and 2 at the same time. Yup, cuz otherwise it’ll take forever.


Why not do all fixtures in one lump?


Yup, why not? And where is She Couldn’t?


Isn’t that on the HT demo 9 track thingy?


I only included My December because I took out Technique

I was thinking doing the whole thing at one go but thought it would be too many matches all at once but will keep this in mind when Champions League takes place
The other 3 fixtures will happen all at once
And then the play-offs


Part of Me is my favorite song on the EP and it’s losing both fixtures :confounded:


I was hoping this league above all leagues would pick up a good number of votes
Guess there is still time


I had to become less ignorant for this one since I never had this EP :smiley: I don’t know very well most of the songs, so I voted mostly instictually after the first couple of listenings.


Go listen to it immediately!


That’s the problem of doing a LPU league actually. Not everyone has heard the songs, makes it kind of difficult to be honest.


I did! I swear! :joy:


Hmmmm maybe…