Battle of the Songs: Hybrid Theory Fixture 4


Fixture 4

  • Place For My Head
  • Pushing Me Away

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  • By Myself
  • Crawling

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  • Points of Authority
  • One Step Closer

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  • With You
  • Runaway

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  • A Cure For The Itch
  • Papercut

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  • In The End
  • Forgotten

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Fixture 3 Results

Table so far


That was probably the easiest one yet.


There will always be easier ones lol


at #10 after fixture3, POA doesn’t seem to have any authority in these polls :stuck_out_tongue:


Only one I had trouble with was Crawling vs By Myself. I love both of them.


Every single one asides from the last one I voted for the least popular


First few votes in abd ACFTI has a vote early in the match



lol that´s so hard to decide, when does poll closes? @acemasters


Sometime on sunday


With You and Papercut seems to be heading the pack at the moment at the top of the table
Well at least until they go toe to toe

But all that can change over the next few days and next few fixtures (since they both don’t meet each other until fixture 9 lmao)


Easy. Voted for APFMH, By Myself, OSC, WY, Papercut and ITE


So far With You is the song to beat as it sweeps yet another song to one side with what seems another dominated performance


With You is king, cuz everyone wants to see Mike with Chester lol.


(OT: Is that from Madison Square Garden back in 2011?)


Didn’t you just answer your own question? (Wasn’t that a rhetorical question?)


Nope, I’m not sure if it is from then, just asking to make sure.


Then I dunno.


I saw the turquose or light blue streches, it was at the time CS has a bad neck and Mr. S. playes the middle with sunglases cause of the pinky eyes? lol it was mostly ATS they´re playing, wasn´t it? :blush:


Yup, from the hairstyle of Mike, it’s 2010-2011.


It’s probably from MSG 2011