Battle of the Songs: Hybrid Theory League Final Fixture


Fixture 11

  • Points Of Authority
  • Pushing Me Away

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  • Crawling
  • In The End

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  • By Myself
  • Papercut

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  • Forgotten
  • One Step Closer

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  • A Cure For The Itch
  • Place For My Head

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  • Place For My Head
  • With You

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The Table So Far

As you know Runaway played two matches yesterday which means it has played all 11 of its matches
And Place For My Head played no matches so has only played 9 so far
So it will play both its matches in this final fixture
And as you can see from the table the other songs have played 10 matches and only play once in this fixture so in turn would of all played 11 matches

Now enough babble

Let the final fixture begin


Interesting! Lets see…
APFMH vs With You was a hard one.


Well if APFMH wins against WY and against ACFTI(which it will win against lol) and if OSC wins its match against Forgotten, WY will drop out of the top 4 after an impressive unbeaten streak
Kinda sad when you think about it :joy::joy::joy:


What happens if there is a points draw at the end?


God. APFMH vs With You. My two favourite songs from HT.

OK: I voted for With You fingers crossed for it



Votes for/against will take into account (GD) so whichever song has a greater vote difference will top the table
Example: ITE has 74 vote difference (GD)
Papercut has 69 at them moment so ITE is top cause it has 5 more on vote difference


If With You draws against Place For My Head and APFMH beats ACFTI it will boil down to vote difference


still didn´t voted but have to do now, lol @ everybody


24 hrs before the polls close


Have enjoyed the new and improved bots


  • Yes
  • No