Battle of the Songs: Hybrid Theory League Fixture 1 Updated


Here is a little xmas gift for you the first game of the HT season
Fixture 1


  • Pushing Me Away
  • Runaway

Multi Poll Help

How did you decide on which songs face off?


think the poll isn´t in it´s usually fitting, what´s the reason? @acemasters, some tech-probs? :scream:


Im trying to do a mulit poll but it didn’t work sooooooo might get this one closed and re do it match by match



This will do for now until i figure multi polls out
Spread the word that BOTS:HT is now open


ah ok, I see, so let me guess first one: ok me, I think I´m the first


This will run until New Year


Now I know how to mulit poll
The rest of Fixture 1 will happen on the same day
Fixtures will run for one week

It’s 3pts for a win
1 for a draw
0 for a loss

Top 4 will go into B.O.T.S: Champions League


So far it’s 4 - 4 can a song score another vote for the win or is this match destined for a draw

Only you can decide


Lol, I didn’t even see the poll, just voted



Looks like Runaway may have scored the winner here

Still time

Remember now I know how to multi poll the remaining 5 matches from fixture will happen all at the same time


Not long left
If a new vote isn’t registared soon the score will end 5 - 4 in favor of Runaway
And i will close the poll
So come
Rustle some support


Another goal (vote) bringing it back to level pegging
This is a great match
At 5 - 5 this is anyones game
Pushing Me Away
Or Runaway

Will one snatch the 3 points or will it remain a tie and both share the spoils getting a point each


Good race between good songs


I agree
Looking forward to the rest of fixture one

It’s gonna be epic


It’s now 6 - 6
This is gonna go to the final whistle


Pushing me away has a 2 goal (vote) lead

With only a few days left

Can it hold the lead and take the 3 points


I don´t hope so, runaway is active, pushed away is passive, so the active position rules and must win!!!
The winner of both gets 3 pts, becomes leader, and runaway mb with 0 pts is at the end or out?
I don´t know the Champs-League rules and so on…:stuck_out_tongue: (ot aren´t these “new” smileys all look like lil ducks?..)


So the winning song will get 3 pts
The losing song gets 0pts
And if it is a draw they both get 1pt each


The poll will close tomorrow
The rest of fixture 1 will go ahead tomorrow as well

As it stands
Pushing Me Away 11 - 7 Runaway