Battle of the Songs: Hybrid Theory League Fixture 10


Fixture 10

  • Pushing Me Away
  • With You

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  • Crawling
  • Papercut

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  • Runaway
  • One Step Closer

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  • Forgotten
  • A Cure For The Itch

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  • By Myself
  • In The End

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  • Runaway
  • Points Of Authority

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You will see match clashes as I explained a few fixtures ago I accidently deleted the fixture list
Which in turn had to rearrange the matches that was left
I have tried very hard to ensure that matches do not clash, but I have come to the point that I have to
With that in mind here is a sneak peek at the final fixture as well

Fixture 11
Points Of Authority v Pushing Me Away
Crawling v In The End
By Myself v Papercut
Forgotten v One Step Closer
A Cure For The Itch v Place For My Head
Place For My Head v With You

The table so far



I had trouble choosing between Pushing Me Away and With You and POA and Runaway.


If ITE and Papercut win their matches the will stay in the top 2 on 27pts with the title all to play for in the final Fixture
But top 4 is all to play for if PMA beats WY and if RA can catch OSC it can close the gap


How come Runaway is facing 2 songs? Did we get rid of one?


Exactly my question.


Hi @acemasters, maybe a failure, so pl reset the poll to veriefy the whole Champs-League_ thing, pl. like the way

ot hi @amitrish! sm nice music suggestion?


If you look at fixture 11
Runaway is nowhere to be seen

If you see fixture 10 Place For My Head is nowhere to be seen

That is because the face off against two songs because i tried to mix it so there was no clashes

I can assure you that every song plays each other once and each song will play 11 matches in total

I do apologize the mishap
It is due to accidently deleting the my orginal fixture list but used all the previous results

I got a new app that does everything for me and when BOTS: Meteora League will be alot better planned


Now this has picked up pace

Anything can happen


Why did WY beat PMA?


Why is WY beating PMA?
Because the voters have voted for WY more then PMA

Only the voters can change that

Rally up support

WY has dropped down the table


Yes I know. But why the preference, I remembered in the previous BOTS last year, @amitrish threatened to leave if OSC doesn’t win.


Lol i remember that

I think the fine line is that with the last B.O.T.S it was a knockout style tourney
Where this is more fairly based equally as all songs face each other

With You did start very strong but it is losing its grip

With that being said OSC did lose to WY which even shocked me

In fact I am shocked how well WY started

It just proves how differently we see what song is strongest against what

Can’t wait for the final fixture

With that in mind
Not only do I have B.O.T.S: Meteora League ready to go
I now have B.O.T.S: M2M League ready to go as well


Whoa! Don’t bring me into the fight :wink:
I was not asking anyone to vote for OSC, but yes, the competition it faced then was pretty poor. OSC deserved that in my opinion.

In all the 10 fixtures at the moment, I have never voted for an underdog song, or tried to put OSC in the top by changing my votes in order to bring the top contenders down. Well, I still play a fair game. :slightly_smiling:


Well said @amitrish
Well said


so didn´t make descision btw Crawling and Papercut, they´re both so great and real, but think I take …lol :slightly_smiling:
Blogpost isn´t setted, but will be for 11 fixure @acemasters


Thats cool lets save the blog for the last fixture and try and make it an epic one @The_early_walker


I do my very best, :sweat: pressure omg wtf lol :joy: when is the poll to be setted? @acemasters?


I’m thinking let everyone sweat a little and do it Sunday

Or do it tomorrow morning as soon as I close this poll