Battle of the Songs: Hybrid Theory League Fixture 3


Fixture 3

  • Pushing Me Away
  • Crawling

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  • One Step Closer
  • Place For My Head

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  • Runaway
  • By Myself

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  • Papercut
  • Points of Authority

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  • Forgotten
  • With You

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  • In The End
  • A Cure For The Itch

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Table so far

Fixtures 2 results


OSC @ 19-17?
Those who voted against OSC, have some fun here, and here.


Ah, yes, I dreaded the vote between By Myself and Runaway because I can’t pick between the 2 so I just did heads or tails it ended up being tails (BM).


Hahaha brilliant


I got the idea when I saw the pot of loose change on my desk.


Now this match up was more difficult


There are gonna be match ups that will be close


3 matches in this fixture at this given moment are all tied up

And looks like With Younis heading for it’s 3rd victory giving it 100% win record

Will it remain top is another song destined to stop it


With you is top cuz it’s against Forgotten now, and previously was against ACFTI.


just did´nt voted until, @acemasters when did the poll closes?


Same here, it was tough to choose one!


Voted for PMA, APFMH, By Myself, Papercut, With You & ITE


Poll closes in 2 days


Can any song pull back some votes or is it destined to stay this way

Rally some support and get some votes in


Day after tomorrow
Poll closes


If no more votes roll in by this evening (it’s now 8am my time) say about 5pm I will close the poll today and will start fixture 4


I voted, but I have to hear forgotten and with you, that decision I can not make out of mind…lol so we got 15 voters until now, the poll closes this eve? I´m excited to the total votings, next time I send the link even to twitter ok with you @acemasters? I this here an LPU only Topic? If, then we must put it into an "open for everybody section…! lol, I´m having fun


Yeh that’s fine
Post it everywhere and anywhere haha

Not just for LPU members
Because I is not a LPU member :frowning:


Yh this will close this afternoon

But again will tag ya in the next fixture