Battle of the Songs: Hybrid Theory League Fixture 5


Fixture 5

  • Pushing Me Away
  • By Myself

0 voters

  • Place For My Head
  • Points of Authority

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  • Crawling
  • With You

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  • One Step Closer
  • A Cure For The Itch

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  • Runaway
  • In The End

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  • Papercut
  • Forgotten

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Fixture 4 Results

Table so far

So as it stands 3 Songs have failed to get any points on the table
And only 2 songs have maxium amount points

Let battle 5 commence


The easiest one for me will always be whatever song goes against Crawling lol.


Take it you don’t like Crawling haha


I’m not too much of a fan either. It’s a decent song but it’s not awesome. And neither is POA.

Voted: BM, APFMH, WY, OSC, R, F


I kinda feel sorry for the bottom 3
Points and Forgotten at least
Don’t feel so sorry for ACFTI


I like forgotten. The intro is great, gets right into the energy.


Yeap lol. I don’t see why people love it so much. I wish they took it off the setlist and replaced it with a more decent song.


Heyo Buddie ! Blog Post is setted, but I didn´t voted soo far, and pl expalin again:

  1. How many rounds on one Album?
    ´knowing this may allowe me to put my vote more for the song I want support…
    [dear I´m hungry, my stomach rumors louder than the sound (my husbands cooking today, that´s nice, but if I cook, I eat this and that inbetween, today nothing without breakfast]

  2. Can you manage it that inbetween March the whole thing is done [but without any stress or hurrying etc] lol or what do you think? How far we´re in March?



POA always forfeit the game :frowning:


Voted for By Myself, APFMH, With You, OSC, ITE and Papercut.


There is a total of 11 fixtures (rounds)

B.O.T.S: Meteora League will also be 11 fixtures (rounds)
Forward & Don’t Stay will act as one song to even the amount of songs (from 13 tracks to 12)


I am of the opinion that comparing ACFTI against regular songs is unjust. It should rather be compared with Session, Foreword, Wake etc.
Also, about BOTS: Meteora, even if you combine Forward & Don’t Stay, we will have Session which probably will suffer the same fate as ACFTI. Instead, why not add an additional voting to remove one more song and make it to 10.

At the same time, I am pleased to see “With You” at the top. I liked the song, but (for me) it always remained in the shadows of the other songs. Yay!


I want to give all album songs a chance
I just think that Foreword isn’t long enough to be classed as a song
It will either serve as a tied in song or be dropped completely

And it would make it unfair now since ACFTI has had why shouldn’t Session get it’s chance

I hear what you are saying and it probably will get spanked by every song like ACFTI
But still deserves it’s shot


If anyone else wants to weigh in on this
I am open to listen and if enough back it then i will see about having Session replaced by a song within the Meteora era


I like how this is. I don’t think it should be changed. Just think of the songs that go up against ACFTI as having a buy for that round.


irony ON

No one wanna vote Cure for the Itch :frowning:

irony OFF


I agree @Cickym

I think of it as a way for songs to claw back some votes for its total vote difference (+/- on the table)


How did ACFTI secure a vote against OSC
Pretty shocked actually


maybe cause even of that?, but for the modus…NEVER CHANGE A RUNNING SYSTEM imo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Polls will close tomorrow
So better get your vote on haha

Invite your friends
Tell them about the awesome game that is on the LP FORUM


uuuups, forgot the first battle…