Battle of the Songs: Hybrid Theory League Fixture 8


Fixture 8

  • One Step Closer
  • By Myself

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  • With You
  • In The End

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  • Papercut
  • Pushing Me Away

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  • Place For My Head
  • Runaway

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  • Points Of Authority
  • Forgotten

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  • Crawling
  • A Cure For The Itch

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The Table so far

Can any song stop With You in its tracks

There is only 4 fixtures (including this one) left

Anything can happen

Let battle 8 commence


This one was tough. Had a hard time choosing between With You vs In The End and POA vs Forgotten. Crawling vs CFTI was kind of tough too since I don’t like either song.


Some of these matches will change the way the table looks

ACFTI will flat out stay rock bottom being the only song to not gain a single point


I voted for all the least voted for songs ATM apart from ITE and Crawling.


Looks like With You has finally met its match

If it stays the way it is With You will drop to 3rd place In The End and Papercut will leap-frog it by 2 points with only 3 fixtures remaining and One Step Closer will only be a point behind With You in 4th
And Place For My Head will still be in 5th only 2 points off top 4 place
However Pushing Me Aways chances of top 4 will most likely be over being 6 points off the top 4 with 3 matches left

That’s IF it stays the way it is

The bottom 6 don’t have a chance for top 4 if it remains this way


Blog-post success at second time, ot are you on line right now, @acemasters ?


I have been offline the whole day today

Not even on FB or any social media


You have 4hrs until the poll closes


Seems that I´m an hour tooooo late :disappointed:


Sorry @Susannchen

Watchout for fixture 9 coming soon


I was expecting fixture 9 to happen right after fixture 8 ended.