Battle of the Songs: Hybrid Theory League The Rest of Fixture 1


[Poll name=Match2]

  • Papercut
  • One Step Closer

[Poll name=Match3]

  • Forgotten
  • Crawling

[Poll name=Match4]

  • In The End
  • Place For My Head

[Poll name=Match5]

  • A Cure For The Itch
  • By Myself

[Poll name=Match6]

  • With You
  • Points of Authority

@The_early_walker it is ready


Voted for OSC, Forgotten, By Myself, With You and of course APFMH


I did ITE for the other one otherwise mine were the same.


Bloged and voted @acemasters


Thank you :slight_smile:


Fixture 1 is picking up pace


voted the same as @xTirea


Voted for : Papercut; Crwlg; APFMH; By Myself; and Point of Authority


Voted for Papercut, Forgotten, APFMH, By Myself and With You.


Why is ITE taking such a massive beating? I thought everyone loved the song.


It’s a great song! A fan favorite for sure but it’s being beaten cause it’s up with APFMH.


Still remember the trauma inflicted by @intheend?


I was at the helm of it. I was the first to start it


In The End is a great song
But PFMH gets the crowd pumping


What a response to fixture 1
Hope fixture 2 will be as great

Thank you all for voting and supporting this game


Is fixture 2 Meteora?



All fixtures 2-6 are HT

Where all songs will face off at least once each
Papercut is facing off with OSC
Next fixture a different song from HT
And so on and so forth
Until it has faced off with every song
And the same for the other songs

Once that is done
B.O.T.S: Meteora will commence


These are gonna last for ages lol.


This was easier than I thought, with the exception of Papercut and OSC. Can’t wait to see how this progresses.


Looks like someone couldn’t hack ACFTI v BM lol

OT: @Cickym I just noticed that you got your ‘regular’ badge. Congrats.