Battle of the Songs: Hybrid Theory League Update


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything based on the new BOTS i am planning

I am hard at work sorting out the matches and making sure there are no clashes or duplicated matches

Are you looking forward to the new B.O.T.S


  • YES
  • NO


I was thinking of Hybrid Theory vs Reanimation.

Eg: One Step Closer vs 1Stp Klosr, In The End vs Enth E Nd, Crawling vs Krwlng etc.

Maybe more ppl would vote P5hng Me Aw*y instead of Pushing Me Away, but probably more ppl would vote High Voltage instead of H! Vltg3.


I was thinking of a poll for best intros, outros and best Bleed It Out bridge.


I did a HT vs Reanimation before (back when I first did it many years ago) and HT spanked the hell out of Reanimation

What the plan is I will do a League for each studio album top 4 at the end of each league will go into a Champions League
With an overall winner

Once this is done

I will deffo take ideas for more BOTS for the near future

I do like the Idea of best intro/outro kinda thing


My only suggestion is that you keep it in one topic this time. Last time it got kind of hectic going through 15 different topics


Should be interesting


Each time will have 6 matches all at once per time
But to keep it all seperate it will be like last time


So do we vote when you put the songs on?


@acemasters Make sure you remember to close all the polls. This poll is still open.


Haha is it haha

Once I have sorted out all the matches I will then put the first matches up

Remember it will be 3pts for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss


so when will the match beginn? :sunglasses:


Well be after the new year


Do you have sm christmas mood or rituals @acemasters? :evergreen_tree:


Well i’ve got two kids (3 and 6)
So its all bout them
My partners bday is a week before
My daughters bday is a week after so yh
Pretty much all that to focus on lol


like me, I´ve birthday the 19th, my daughter is 11 and it´s at least a nice time, to slow the timetrain…


My sister has her name day tomorrow lol. My mum has been hiding her present under my bed because the Xmas presents are hidden elsewhere around the house.


ot so I expect you on the hunt…what would be your christmas wish? @the_termin8r1


I know exactly where everything is, have done for years. Besides neither me not my sister believe anymore and our parents don’t usually know what to get us so they just ask us what we want. I’m personally getting the final Ratchet and Clank games I need to finish my collection and I’m going go karting with a friend on the 14th.


lol hahaha
I would have placed my hand in a fire, if anybody ask me, wheater @the_terminat8r1 knows where the presents are or not…sure he knows, every single peace I think! >without burning! :laughing:

Nice from your parents, go karting is expensive, on what age do you start to search in the house for x-mas presents? When do you get known, that the gifts are comming from everywhere but not from the Christ child?

LP vs. LP

To be honest I’ve always been suspicious because my mum tried her best to hide it but her pathological desire to film everything let her down. That’s because we always open our presents some time in the afternoon on the 24th so it means we have to ‘hide’ in our rooms while she put everything under the tree. Sometimes she made more noise that she probably intended.

But the day she blew it was when she was filming us coming down the stairs just after the presents had been ‘delivered’. The only problem was that she was down there the moment they were delivered and she never came upstairs. :laughing: My mum’s downfall was caused by the fact that she wants to capture every single special even in a million photos or on tape.

That’s why I loath being in photos, because with her one photo isn’t enough so I have to take a million. It’s also why my passport and oyster card pics look like mugshots. Because my dad took them (he’s into photography so he has a good camera) and he took so many that by the time my mum was happy with one I was livid :joy:

I guess the age at which I stopped believing was around 10. I’ve been looking for presents ever since. The only problem is that a few years ago my sister wanted ‘santa’ to wrap her presents so by the time I went looking they were all wrapped. But now that my sister doesn’t fall for the trick anymore either we know what we’re getting so there’s no point in looking. My sister was also around 10 when she stopped believing, and no, I wasn’t harsh enough to break it to her because my parent would have murdered me.

Sorry for the mega post.