Battle of the Songs: Hybrid Theory vs Meteora 1st Edition Final


Breaking the Habit, :metal::metal::metal:


no problem. everyone got his/her own favorites, but ‘hate’ ist a very strong word. Just wanted to say it :slight_smile:

at least: Meteora is just a masterpiece with 12 awesome songs :slight_smile:


Nicely said :slight_smile:


Not a strong enough one in my case lol, the only song I hate more than BTH is UIB. :joy:




Hate is very mild, loathe to the point of stupidity is slightly closer but not by much.


I’m between UIB and WAK.


I love WAK.


:anguished: how? Why? Both songs are bad, imo.


I like the chorus, I like the instrumental, though I think it would be better played by real instruments and not a computer. UIB is pure shit though.


The only decent part to me is the chorus, the rest means nothing to me. But I respect your opinion about WAK.


Am I the only one who loves Until It Breaks, Breaking The Habit, Wretches and Kings?


I don’t hate UIB, although it is my least favorite LP song lol. But BTH is a favorite for sure, I guess you just have to feel the song to know how phenemonal it can really be, just like anything else. WAK, I don’t see the fight on this, it may not be the most popular, but popularity means nothing obviously, its another well put together song and it deserves appreciation as well.


Agreed!! :smile:


hope everyone noticed over those many weeks, that BTH is my #1 forever and ever :rofl::heart_eyes:

UIB and WAK are okay, bute none of my favortes


I’m like the same with Waiting For The End. I ADORE the song


I always enjoyed Breaking the Habit