Battle of the Songs: Hybrid Theory vs Meteora 1st Edition Results and whats next for B.O.T S



So here it is

3rd Place: Faint
2nd Place: Breaking The Habit
And the winner: Numb

Shocked that NO HT songs made it to the final

I’m looking forward to B.O.T.S Hybrid Theory League 2.0 and Meteora 2.0 etc etc


That’s not what is next

So I recently did Live In Texas
I will do Road to Revolution and One More Light Live

Followed by a Champions League LIVE EDITION

It’s Ready


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List 2


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List 3




That was kinda obvious to me :grin:

Nice! :smile:


RTR will be hard, while OML will be too easy, I already have my top songs of OML.



RTR got so many good versions except the jay z parts :rofl:

  1. numb 2. BTH 3. faint is ok, but it was very fun to ‘fight’ with all of you :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I agree with you.

I’d like to see RTR vs LiT.