Battle of the Songs: Live In Texas League Round 11



I want you to concider the song as it is played on Live In Texas and nothing else, not the studio version of the song or because you like the studio version, I want you to vote for the song because of the way its sung on the live album.

Remember to vote on every match or your votes will not count

  • A Place For My Head
  • In The End

0 voters

  • One Step Closer
  • From The Inside

0 voters

  • Points of Authority
  • Somewhere I Belong

0 voters

  • Crawling
  • With You

0 voters

  • Runaway
  • Don’t Stay

0 voters

  • Papercut
  • Figure.09

0 voters

  • By Myself
  • P5hng Me Aw*y

0 voters

  • Numb
  • Lying From You

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Round 10 Results

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Papercut vs. Figure.09? Come on, I can’t possibly decide this :smiley: Can’t I choose both? :smiley:


The missing song is Faint


Are we doing another missing song competition or something again?


Just pinpointing the missing song is all


I’m asking, because I haven’t been following the posts that much and we used to run a competition like that a few BOTx ago.


No no @the_termin8r not this time it’s just for fun the missing song


Nothing can stop A Place For My Head


One of the best live versions I’ve heard


This is stupid I know prob but how does one vote? Im new to forum.


Welcome to the forum :smile:

Just pick the song you want and that’s all. This poll is already closed, but we have another one ready.


Ok. Thanks.