Battle of the Songs: Live In Texas Round 15



We are now getting to the nitty-gritty as the final round/match rapidly makes its way with only 3 matches left for most songs (9pts) and the race for top 4 is far from over with 4th/5th/6th all tied on points
1st is stream-rolling its way but is only 3 points clear but has a massive vote difference

I want you to concider the song as it is played on Live In Texas and nothing else, not the studio version of the song or because you like the studio version, I want you to vote for the song because of the way its sung on the live album.

Remember to vote on every match or your votes will not count

  • A Place For My Head
  • Crawling

0 voters

  • Runaway
  • Points of Authority

0 voters

  • Papercut
  • One Step Closer

0 voters

  • By Myself
  • Faint

0 voters

  • Numb
  • In The End

0 voters

  • P5hng Me Aw*y
  • From The Inside

0 voters

  • Figure.09
  • Somewhere I Belong

0 voters

  • Don’t Stay
  • With You

0 voters

Round 14 Results

Table so far

It’s Ready

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I’m the second! :smirk:
Missing song: lying from you :grin:


Again! I got a hard one .
In the end vs numb :neutral_face:


OSC vs. Papercut and Figure.09 vs. SIB

Numb vs. In the end is easy. For ‘LiT’ I would say that ‘Numb’ got the better live version


Poor Crawling :joy::joy::joy::joy:


yeah, Crawling is my #2 song, but this live version is not better than so many others on ‘LiT’.