Battle of the Songs: Living Things - Fixture 3


Please can I ask voters to VOTE ON EVERY MATCH please

Fixture 3

  • Lies Greed Misery
  • Castle Of Glass

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  • Skin To Bone
  • Victimized

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  • I’ll Be Gone
  • Tinfoil

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  • Until It Breaks
  • Roads Untravelled

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  • In My Remains
  • Powerless

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  • Lost In The Echo
  • Burn It Down

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Fixture 2 Results

Table so far

can’t tag any more so feel free to tag anyone i missed and help spread the word

Favourite LP Song?

That was to easy :sweat_smile:


In hope of your agreement I felt free and seted the blog post again for you @The_early_walker


Voted. Also, @acemasters I hope you don’t mind but I added ‘fixture 3’ to the thread title.


Awesome @Susannchen :blush:


@the_termin8r thanks buddy


Easiest one so far :slight_smile:


V v STB was annoying becuase I hate both. I vote V because it was the shorter song :stuck_out_tongue:


thanx dear, that was very nice @susannchen :blush:


I stopped a bit at IMR vs Powerless but went for IMR in the end. Now, I think I should have voted for Powerless.


same thing here[:joy:] but decided other way out :upside_down:


What? That was an easy one. Powerless is the best one on the album.


Screenshots from dunno how long ago:


I really liked the art style of LT / LPU 12


I have to say, this was not so easy to decide… I mean Roads Untraveled vs. Until it breaks was a tough one for me :smiley:


Agreed, I’m glad they still work with Ghost Town Media. I think they’re awesome!


Well Tinfoil may take it’s first No Vote battering this fixture


I feel that pitting Lies greed misery against Castle of glass should be punished as psichological torture! :scream:


I honestly thought that Powerless would fair alot better


LGM vs COG for me is a easy contest