Battle of the Songs: Living Things Fixture 5


Here it is
This is the half way point and the league is shaping up nicely

As always I ask all voters to VOTE ON EVERY MATCH please, Thank You

Fixture 5

  • Lies Greed Misery
  • I’ll Be Gone

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  • Until It Breaks
  • Skin To Bone

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  • In My Remains
  • Castle Of Glass

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  • Lost In The Echo
  • Victimized

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  • Burn It Down
  • Tinfoil

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  • Powerless
  • Roads Untravelled

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Fixture 4 Results

Table so far


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First again. The benefit of being in the UK :stuck_out_tongue:


Next time going to do late at night


But the people east of you are in a later timezone.


I was up until 23:30 last might building Lego lol

Yes, but @acemasters lives in the UK so I can be more accurate with the timing.


Fairly easy one!


This was easy!


For me it was maybe the toughest round so far.

And, BTW, @acemasters, shouldn’t this be fixture 5? :grin:

EDIT: Oh, I see that’s just the title wrong, in the post is correct.


To make it right I changed the number, cause it´s fixture 5. Hope you don´t mind @acemasters :blush:

oh and blogpost is set


I was still half asleep any is greatly received

Someone forgot to vote on a match :angry:


a lil note btw


M2M league?!?


lplive asked on twitter for the favourite song OF M2M AND WE WERE PREPAIRED::::triumph::…I gave them B+O+T+S results


Ah got ya

Did ya tell them that we in the midst of finding out LT top song


posted once, next fixure is 6 lol [a bit confused you at last Buddie :blush:] the next one, twitter become nice and near these days…


I’m also considering implementing some new rules for the next league


UIB vs STB was the toughest one for me.


do as you like buddy it is yourbaby, and hi @YoMarques


Yay the votes evened out


Hello :smiley: