Battle of the Songs: Living Things League Fixture 1


Here we go
The first fixture of Living Things League
Please can all voters vote on every match to make it even and fair

Fixture 1

  • Lies Greed Misery
  • Tinfoil

0 voters

  • Victimized
  • Roads Untravelled

0 voters

  • Castle Of Glass
  • Powerless

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  • Skin And Bone
  • Burn It Down

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  • I’ll Be Gone
  • Lost In The Echo

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  • Until It Breaks
  • In My Remains

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LITE vs IBG? Oh boy…


This will be the hardest album to go through. Every single song is a number one for me.


Castle Of Glass vs Powerless was the hardest shot for me.


UIB vs IMR was tough.


I don’t like STB, I loathe UIB and Victimized is not one I’m fond of.


I know the feeling. LITE is the only song I really like, I give them credit for IBG and RU (just for the lyrics), otherwise it’s their weakest album.


It starts easy and gets more worst with every poll.


This album is going to have some awesome match ups


Maybe a surprise? Hope it won´t be that clear this time. More thrilling…


I blurted out the same when I saw that! Tough one.


So seems me mostly against mainstream This ONE lol :sunglasses: I enjoy it still that we are all here at the bots again (did ya get that you are the ‘like leader’ of the inner lpu Ranking? @acemasters? :sunglasses:


‘‘Skin And Bone’’ ? :wink:


STB vs. BID…
oh, God, why…


Yes yes
I know I put Skin And Bone instead but can’t edit it now
I noticed when it was too late


Someone didn’t vote on the last match


Ups this was me :sweat_smile: but I did ( can’t decide before…) now it’s Fine ( sry @acemasters for NOT Setting a blogpost on the First New League…have To wait Till husband arrives To Log in the wifi…):yum:


Someone didn’t vote
On Skin To Bone vs Burn It Down
And I used my votes already to balance @The_early_walker’s late vote


Shit Happens! Seems you are too fast as I am too Slow :sunglasses:


It’s fine my votes won’t count for 5 of the matches