Battle of the Songs: Living Things League Fixture 2


So fixture 1 is done and the league is on its way
With the top 2 equal on points and GD (vote difference) this can be a great


Here it is
Fixture 2

  • Lies Greed Misery
  • Victimized

0 voters

  • Castle Of Glass
  • Tinfoil

0 voters

  • Skin To Bone
  • Roads Untravelled

0 voters

  • I’ll Be Gone
  • Powerless

0 voters

  • Until It Breaks
  • Burn It Down

0 voters

  • In My Remains
  • Lost In The Echo

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Fixture 1 Results

Table so far

Please note that I have put Skin And Bone instead of Skin To Bone but I can’t edit the league now so it will remain that way but rest assure we all know what song it is



Skin to bone is in my top 3 for this album but I feel it isn’t much loved among LP fans


@acemasters I think you need to tag more people. Eg: People like @Radden didn’t vote for the previous fixture.


Or just tag @everyone and literally the whole forum gets summoned here.


Me divers like everytime: if you like Tag Even 20 Ppl I give ya Ten tags of Mine - and in Voting: NOT too hard this One :smile: try to Set my wifi on MYSELF…if you see the Blog , I’ve Been successfull @acemasters :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There is no members in that group, so nobody gets summoned.


That’s odd, I’ve been called to an ‘everyone’ tag a couple of times before. :confused:


No worries, it´s only 3 hours. Did you set the Blogpost @The_early_walker?

@simy Probably STB will get some love against Tinfoil and maybe Victimized :wink:

IMR vs LITE was hard to choose and STB vs RU wasn´t that easy


It was tough to drop IMR, but LITE is one of my favorites.
I’m actually a huge fan of Victimized, first match-up wasn’t easy either.


If it was a try to cheer me up it didn’t work very well! :laughing:


No if you like you can do it as well my dear I Never thought that ‘Wellness’ is so busy so if ya like TELL the soldiers bec it is NOT only @radden who is To inform! Will ya do this favor To me? @susannchen :slight_smile:


i knew i was missing someone
anyone i forget to tag if we all get the word out this B.O.T.S should be epic

@Radden I will deffo tag ya in the next fixture :blush:


I’m just voting for LITE… the rest are/will be at random. I don’t like this album at all… am I the only one?


Not counting Recharged (may it rot and burn in hell for all of eternity) I’d say it’s their weakest. There’s only a few songs that I like.


I don’t think it’s the weakest for me ATS was weaker…but that just my preference


I don’t know why but I really liked ATS more so than MTM.


ATS is my favorite album, I consider it a masterpiece.


Done! It´s an honor to set the post.

It was the first blogpost ever since I joined the family :joy:


How nice! Let me just hug ya a moment :kissing_closed_eyes: To Tell ya thanx!!



a big :hugging: back