Battle of the Songs: Living Things League Fixture 4


Time for the next fixture
As always I will ask all voters to VOTE ON EVERY MATCH please, thank you

Fixture 4

  • Lies Greed Misery
  • Skin To Bone

0 voters

  • I’ll Be Gone
  • Castle Of Glass

0 voters

  • Until It Breaks
  • Victimized

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  • In My Remains
  • Tinfoil

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  • Lost In The Echo
  • Roads Untravelled

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  • Burn It Down
  • Powerless

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Fixture 3 Results

Table so far

can’t tag any more so feel free to tag anyone i missed and help spread the word


So the league is slowly taking shape with the top 3 winning each of their matches
But that can all change with LITE taking on RU
And IMR takes on Tinfoil
IMR is destined to top the table after this fixture
Unless RU beats LITE badly
RU does have 6 more votes in the GD (vote difference)


It’s weird being the first to vote.
LGM vs STB was painful :frowning:


BID vs Powerless was the most complicated one for me.


LITE vs RU? Ugh!


I gave my love to tinfoil, the snakes on the left the sharks on the right, …


Toughest fixture so far.
IBG vs COG wasn´t easy
LGM vs STB was hard
LITE vs RU kill me

Will set the blogpost


I am back after a long day at work


End of day one and 15 votes in
Not bad :slight_smile:
sleep well my LP family


Good morning world may day 2 begin


For a moment, I thought you meant that there was a second labour day today :stuck_out_tongue:


so I twittert the league out


Most of the times, I enter the contest with 15-20 votes cast already. When will I be the first voter again?


Either in the evening or the morning (BST). After the last closure (@acemasters announces when closures are)


hey Mr., how about a lil [ahhh got ya tavern post and…jump over] @amitrish


Thank you @the_termin8r I couldn’t of put it better myself

with that said votes to close sooooooon say about 14hrs or so