Battle of The Songs: Living Things League Fixture 9


The top 4 is finally taken shape with 4th place being 6 points clear of 5th with only 9 points left to play

I ask all voters to VOTE ON EVERY MATCH please, Thank You

Fixture 9

  • Lies Greed Misery
  • Burn It Down

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  • Powerless
  • Lost In The Echo

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  • Roads Untravelled
  • In My Remains

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  • Tinfoil
  • Until It Breaks

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  • Victimized
  • I’ll Be Gone

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  • Castle Of Glass
  • Skin To Bone

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Tag anyone I missed

Fixture 8 Results

Table so far


Voted Tinfoil yet again.


I voted Tinfoil last fixture and will be again this fixture


You guys hate UIB so much? :stuck_out_tongue:


duties done Sir, @acemasters…lol


It belongs on Recharged, that’s how badly I loathe it.


LGM vs BID was tough.


UIB is always skipped
I listened to it a couple of times to try and get into it but no
No way
I just can’t get into it

With that said Tinfoil could get a point or 3 here


@the_termin8r @acemasters Wow, haha! Ok… not my favorite either but I prefer it over some other songs. I actually think it’d make an awesome FM song.


I believe that for at least half of the songs my opinion is quite the opposite to the others’ :smiley:I love this album from top to bottom but I’m not into the deep love a song like Roads Untravelled inspires, especially if compared to In my remains <3


while I agree with @the_termin8r & @acemasters, I won’t be harsh enough to add it to Recharged, which is the LP version of Dark Realm.


tough round! :grin:


It’s hard to think of any songs that UIB is better then to be honest :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Hello my LP family it’s a gloomy morning
Brighten my day and lets power drive with some more voting


Have a wonderful morning @acemasters :slight_smile:


IMR is pull back in its match
24hrs of voting left


@susannchen??? blogpost? did ya set and voted yaself, miss ya :grinning:


Sorry… voted yesterday but vorgot the post :confounded:. It´s done now.

btw decision RU vs IMR was tough


IRM pulled some hell of a come back haha


Sorry I haven’t voted on every one! I’m not on here every day and Sometimes I miss them because I’m not always on here! SORRY!!! :frowning: