Battle of the Songs: Meteora League Final Fixture


It’s finally here the final fixture
Once again I ask ALL VOTERS to please vote for ALL MATCHES to make it even and fair

As I am going away tomorrow this fixture will run until I return at some point monday

I will need you to take the reigns for me and make sure the post is bumped to the top from time to time everyone has a chance to see it

With that said here it is

Fixture 11

  • Hit The Floor
  • Breaking The Habit

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  • Easier To Run
  • From The Inside

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  • Lying From You
  • Don’t Stay

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  • Faint
  • Nobody’s Listening

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  • Numb
  • Session

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  • Figure 09
  • Somewhere I Belong

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Fixture 10 results

Table so far


Even if Figure 09 beats SIB, FTI doesn’t stand a chance to enter the top 4. This is sad, so very very sad!


I have a trick up my sleeve which is to be revealed during BOTS: ML AWARDS


I honestly believed ETR would have done much better.


I thought so too
But it sits at the bottom of the pile
With NL and HTF


FTI is my favourite


Well im off on a weekend break
@The_early_walker hold the fort


TRUST IN ME I DO @acemasters! We will have a nice day here on the topic, whoever joints, gets a like lol, wish you a very nice weekend, with ya family? Have a very nice weekend, my BUDDIE! :relaxed:


Easy one for me. Enjoyed doing this a lot!


How did SIB drop to 4th?


Good question, mb by voting @the_termin8r1 lol, hi Rob, btw,
ot have to go on to do sm grocery shopping, [lol thanx @evooba, she gave me the translation] any suggestions for my list, mb at the nifty topic? lol


I did what? Translation to what?


You ask me I ask who?



Keep calm, @everybody, the translation for the word for going out saturdays and buying all needed stuff, or was it @gatsie at least, as mostly…?

…who helped me find the word???


so 16 voters today, but the forums seems to be confused today, cs of diffrent reasonss, but I think, nobody thought figure.09 would rise that high? me not for sure. it´s been always underrated …:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: lol


I see that LFY vs DS is the only one that divides opinions equally this round. To me it was the hardest this time.
(And I’m sad about Figure.09 succumbing against Somewhere I belong)


@Simy, :relaxed:yeah this was a real hard pack of descisions, dunnow when @acemasters will be back, to close this poll I think cs of faint and numb´s and bth distance to the rest makes many voters let it be this last round…
That is a pitty, but, we look fwd to final table and revards of this B+O+T+S and mb there are some more soldiers here to vote on?..And who´s the person, who isn´t CHOOSING/POLLING ALL SONGs? blames on ya…:unamused:


Just sneaking a peek this morning

@The_early_walker you sre doing a fantastic job keeping this post up thank you

I will return some point on monday to close the poll

And I have a twist reveal for you when I do
Battle of the Songs: Meteora League Awards :slight_smile:


thank you, :blush: nice to have ya back, lol :sunglasses:are the flowers for ya wife ordered? lol @acemasters