Battle of the Songs: Meteora League Final Results and Awards, Plus first twist reveal


Fixture 11 results

Final table

Meteora awards
The Unbeaten award: Numb (11 wins)
The Champion award: Numb
Biggest Shock Award: Easier To Run (only 2 wins)
Biggest Loser: Session (11 losses)
Easiest Prediction Award: Session

Now for the first twist reveal

There will be a HT:EP League after all the other leagues have played out

When that happens anothsr twist will also be revealed

M2M league will commence when I return home today, when i’ve settled down

Watch this space

Thank you for the support and to all the voters
And to @The_early_walker for blogging my leagues

You all make B.O.T.S worth doing


thanx :blush :@acemasters GOOD LEAGUE NEEDS GOOD SUPPORT LOL


We thank you for all you work. It´s intresting, who will win in each fixture.


I’m gutted that BHT got so high and SIB didn’t even make the podium.


Numb was always gonna be hard to beat
I actually thought Faint would go toe to toe but as it so happens it slipped from the top spot to 3rd with back to back losses


Thank you for all the awesome work!



(huggies @YoMarques)


meme :3 hugs


Hi :3


Hello ^^ Hope you’re doing well :3


The same to you :3


I know that Numb is very popular but I didn’t think it would have come out as the most loved song on this album.


Are you new? ;D


Thank you :3