Battle of the Songs: Meteora League Fixture 10


Just a little heads up
Battle of the Songs will be moving to the games section when this league is over
B.O.T.S: M2ML will be located there when it begins

Please remember to vote for all the matches in the fixture to make it fairer
Thank you

Here it is

Fixture 10

  • Hit The Floor
  • From The Inside

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  • Breaking The Habit
  • Don’t Stay

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  • Easier To Run
  • Nobody’s Listening

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  • Lying From You
  • Session

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  • Faint
  • Somewhere I Belong

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  • Numb
  • Figure.09

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Fixture 9 results

Table so far


Faint vs SIB? sigh

(Btw, you can move these to the Game Center category without losing any data or anything)


Yh just thought since this league only has one more fixture to go so thought end it in this section
It did after all begin in this section


Wow…this one is really slow
Only one vote i almost 4hrs


If Numb beats Figure.09 it will be crowned champion 1 fixture early with no other song able to catch it
If Numb draws it will need to loss against Session (hahaha) for any other song to have a chance

If Figure.09 wins (doubtful) and Faint loses against Somewhere I Belong (do-able) Figure will be level on points with Faint and the fight for 4th would go down to the wire


This is the one I dreaded. Faint v SIB. Had to do heads or tails, ended up being SIB.


That was the calm before the storm…


I knew Numb, BTH & Faint were sure winners. I was a bit skeptical between SIB and FTI. Now, I know that SIB is a clear favorite.


You’re damn right it is


seems not so simple for ´numb´mb we are not any longer?! @acemasters blogpost tomorrow, my buddie :smiley:


BTH vs Dont Stay!?!?!?
That’s unfair!!! Like very much both of than!!

Numb vs Figure.09 is a tough one too!!!


Last one, not so tough. Faint vs. SIB, curious wich will make it.


This was one of the topics (or series of topics) I wasn’t sure if they fit there. It’s not really a game


Toughest round for Meteora so far.



Do you think I should continue to put it in this section and not games section?


Thanks @The_early_walker


I mean, it’s up to you. I feel like this is just a more thought out version of the “what is your favorite song” type topics, and those for sure aren’t games. It’s more of a contest


for me this here is SERIOUS = NO GAME :sunglasses:


Awwww thanks

Never saw like that :blush:


Hit The Floor has hit the floor
Not a single vote in 19 votes
Could this be a clean sweep