Battle of the Songs: Meteora League Fixture 2


Please remember to vote for every match to make it more fair
Thank you

Fixture 2

  • Hit The Floor
  • Lying From You

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  • Faint
  • Easier To Run

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  • Numb
  • Breaking The Habit

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  • Figure.09
  • From The Inside

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  • Somewhere I Belong
  • Don’t Stay

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  • Session
  • Nobody’s Listening

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Fixture 1 Results

Table so far

Thanks again @TripleXero for the banner :slight_smile:


Hard one! Really hard one!


Yeh I battled on this one
This is one I may chop and change some
I mean Numb v BTH
Figure.09 v FTI
Some of these battles are going to be fudgers


Looks like this whole fixture is going to be painful!


Why do I find these so easy?


Only hard one for me was Numb vs. Breaking the Habit


The hard one for me was Figure.09 vs From The Inside, hahaha.


Why indeed!! How is this easy? lol[quote=“TripleXero, post:6, topic:12480, full:true”]
Numb vs. Breaking the Habit


Check Session out
It’s got a slight chance on this one


Someone didn’t vote for all the songs

Please please please vote for all the songs to make it more fair


Because you know that whichever song wins will be a good one so you just go on a whim and vote for whatever. I’ll have to do heads or tails on faint and sib though.


Interesting way to see it. Makes sense… since I will always vote for Numb no matter which song is against cause it is “my” song. lol

SIB vs Faint will be the death of me.


Doe anyone know where @acemasters lives?


I think he might be a Brit but I’m not sure. Why do you ask?


Oh, you know, a cup of tea over some friendly chat, breaking his bones for making BotS: Meteora, hanging around, nothing unusual. I am just curious.


I am a Brit


Holy dang
26 votes
Thank you voters
Votes closes in 10hrs


I think session and figure09 isn´t really known by sm fans by name, so they take the one they known rom these battles, so come on, give them the position they have to have…lol great performance @acemasters


Due to the uneven-ness of the votes and how 5 out of 6 have one extra vote then the first match
My vote will not count

From now on I will cast my vote last
I will only vote on all matches if the votes are even
If uneven i will only vote on the matches that have the uneven amount of votes


What? You cast votes? I thought you’re not supposed to cast your vote, like in BOTS HT. You mentioned before that you’re not supposed to break tiebreakers or anything.