Battle of the Songs: Meteora League Fixture 5


As always I ask for all voters to PLEASE vote for all matches if possible to make it more even and fairer
With that said thanks again to all the voters that is making B.O.T.S:ML epic
Here is fixture 5

Fixture 5

  • Hit The Floor
  • Figure.09

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  • Somewhere I Belong
  • Numb

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  • Session
  • Faint

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  • Nobody’s Listening
  • Lying From You

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  • Don’t Stay
  • Easier To Run

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  • From The Inside
  • Breaking The Habit

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Fixture 4 Results

Table so far


SIB vs Numb killed me.


Looks like nobody’s listening to Nobody’s Listening :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Top 3 is still unbeaten
Top 2 unbeaten winning streak

If Numb and SIB tie the top 3 will still be unbeaten but Faint will top the table 2pts clear

However if SIB loses and so does FTI against BTH
BTH could leap frog both and will be in the top 4
This is going to be close


Same with me! I literally had to pause for a few minutes and just take a deep breath before I continued!


I sense that FTI and BTH will be close right to the very end.


If FTI wins against BTH then it will breakaway from the rest of the pack
BTH needs to force a draw or win to keep in the race


It was hard not to vote for BTH, but I’m a huge fan of FTI.


same here, lost a part of my heart with choosing between these 2. now im sad


That’s why it’s good to be me, you can’t lose what you don’t have :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


are you a vampire?


No, I’m a Terminator, though I go hate light, sun and heat as well :laughing:


are you a robot vampire?



This is sooooo hard. It’s like trying to choose between ur kids. Gah. Lol


SIB v Numb & BTH V FTI is going to be uber close

Good to see NL get a vote :joy::joy::joy:
Session secure some votes

I can see the dark horse being ETR
Going to be like APFMH in BOTS: HTL looks like it won’t make it but may pip to top 4 as matches progress


Yup & HTF vs F.09

It’ll be intense…


Even DS v ETR is really close

This fixture could all go to the wire


12-26hrs until polls closes


LOL not true but vs Lying from you… a little bit unfair haha.