Battle of the Songs: Meteora League Fixture 6


We are half way now and things are looking tight at the top as Faint and Numb are 5 wins in a row

Once again I would like to ask those that vote to please vote for all matches to make it more fairer
Thank you :slight_smile:

Here is fixture 6

  • Hit The Floor
  • Somewhere I Belong

0 voters

  • Session
  • Figure.09

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  • Nobody’s Listening
  • Numb

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  • Don’t Stay
  • Faint

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  • From The Inside
  • Lying From You

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  • Breaking The Habit
  • Easier To Run

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Fixture 5 Results

Table so far


The last 3 were hard :confused:


Had to do HOT for vote 4. Ended up voting DS


Your’e making this harder :disappointed_relieved:


Not me

My app made them this way :joy::joy::joy::joy:


This was easier than before


I don’t know how I was able to choose between FTI and LFY lol


To me this round was easy.


hi @acemasters btw, how are you, dude? It´s going on, so latest tom. morning I´ll update the blogpost…lol, nice comments I get there, even from @radden, join in more often to mb meet online? Where a you from?


Born and bread
Yh the buzz on this league is fantastic
Great job @The_early_walker
Don’t think it would be as epic if it wasn’t for your blogging


Poll closes in less then 24hrs


Just looked ahead and Numb and Faint don’t face each other until fixture 9
So they have the potential to go on a 8 match winning streak


Wow this is a mega spanking matches


“even for radden” OMG cries Life is really beautiful cries again


cries for what reason??? Hi @radden, lol me crying also…:joy::joy: but immediately :sunglasses:


Hahaha I just simply wanna write a nosense comment :’)


Hi, I think the poll is closed and we can write any non sense here Hi @radden are you online? lol lets talk really great nonsens and suggest music vids to each others, I start with my absolute buner right now:

edit watta yatink?


Oh, I love Drones very much (only because I love concept albums lol) but actually I don’t love Mercy (maybe too much similar to Starlight?).

BTW I suggest you this epic masterpiece:


have to listen where I listen to new songs, in my bathroom, later on today…I never heard muse instead of playing them at the radio, it´s my “first muse album” and, my newest news: the Singers name is Matthew Bellami, lol

right now listen to sm intellectual soul thing here on germans radio station, the theme is “trust” today, while drinking my coffee and stay here for a while…lol