Battle of the Songs: Meteora League Fixture 7


I ask all voters to please vote on ALL the matches to make it more fairer

Fixture 7
Fixture 7

  • Hit The Floor
  • Session

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  • Nobody’s Listening
  • Somewhere I Belong

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  • Don’t Stay
  • Figure.09

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  • From The Inside
  • Numb

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  • Breaking The Habit
  • Faint

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  • Easier To Run
  • Lying From You

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Fixture 6 results

Table so far


Faint and Breaking the habit…One of the worst case scenario I have ever had to choose between


Fairly easy one. Numb vs FTI was kind of tough.


The only one I had to think about.


This was a hard one


This one a slow one


Almost every time Session goes up against something, it’s usually the hardest one for me. I’ve second guessed voting for or against it every time


Looks like Faint finally met it’s match and fainted
Of can it break Breaking The Habit and claw back

If it goes the way it’s going Numb will go top of the table


hey @acemasters: is the duration of every very poll the same, for me it feels like running right now? How long is a poll open from setting till closing ? btw I vote for sessions, until it was it battle with figure.09, there the 09 wins…lol :grin:


It was the toughest one for me to choose.


It ranges between 2-3 days
With that said
15hrs left


Every time is more interesting and my decission is hard hehe xD