Battle of the Songs: Mintues To Midnight League Fixture 7


Please can all voters VOTE ON ALL MATCHES on the fixture to make it fair and even
Please note that I closed fixture 6 earlier because I have work tonight and forgot lol

Fixture 7

  • No Roads Left
  • In Pieces

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  • Hands Held High
  • What I’ve Done

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  • In Between
  • Shadow Of The Day

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  • Given Up
  • No More Sorrow

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  • The Little Things Give You Away
  • Leave Out All The Rest

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  • Bleed It Out
  • Valentine’s Day

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Fixture 6 Results

Table so far

Looks like NRL is out of the running
But here is the battle that will open the top 3 or make it even closer


LOATR 4 ever


Finally, I think NRL has a chance for a win here. And a landslide one by the looks of it :slightly_smiling:


TLTGYA vs LOATR was a tough one.


Easy one


Given Up vs NMS was the only hard one.


The 5-th pair was really hard. Could not choose until sang 'em in my head.


BIO vs valentine’s day :joy:


I´m so happy to read the posts here feels a lil bit like “comming home” every single ev, thanx for that…:yum::heart_eyes::sunglasses:
@acemasters, maybe we/you´ll set the voting response out of 30 to lead the new fixure?


I don’t know why nobody chose valentine’s day, this is nice song, not best, but still really good i think


Because it’s against BIO and BIO is way better than Valentine’s Day.


@EvoOba but there are two different song, I’m sure that some of LP fans prefer valentine’s day.
BTW sorry for my English…


All songs are different from each other. In Pieces and In Between aren’t getting any love either. They’re simply not fan favorites, some people like them but they’re the minority.


For me this was another easy round but I feel that the time for NMS’s sinking down way too low is coming :frowning:
I’ll listen to it right now to give it the love it deserves! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah not a bad idea
When B.O.T.S: ATSL goes live i’ll set a 30 vote limit

It is wonderful to see a response
Thank you all :blush::blush::blush::blush:


NRL will finally win another match :joy::joy::joy::joy::wink:


LOATR may be the song to go unbeaten and TLTGYA will drop to 2nd place if it finishes this way against LOATR
Kinda wrong since that TLTGYA has not lost or drawn upto this point :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Both are strong. LOATR is easier for me to comprehend though. I mean, easier to sing along :slight_smile:


I think 24hrs and polls will close


so time enough to set a blogpost, sry, I was busy, or did I did it alredy??? lol :yum: will have a look at right now, @acemasters
ok, set it right now, lol :smile: