Battle of the Songs: Mintues To Midnight Leagues Fixture 4


TLTGYA is now the only song after 3 matches to be unbeaten
Will it do a Numb and go 11 games or will it meet its match

Please remember to vote on ALL MATCHES to make it even and fair

Fixture 4

  • No Roads Left
  • No More Sorrow

0 voters

  • Shadow Of The Day
  • Leave Out All The Rest

0 voters

  • What I’ve Done
  • Valentine’s Day

0 voters

  • In Pieces
  • Bleed It Out

0 voters

  • Hands Held High
  • The Little Things Give You Away

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  • In Between
  • Given Up

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Fixture 3 Results

Table so far


Polls to close in within the next 48hrs


This time I voted for TLTGYA too! :smiley:
Easy round for me :slightly_smiling:


If it weren’t for HHH vs Little Things, it would have been an easy one.


Aside from Shadow of the Day (which I thought was like much more than it apparently is), my guess for the top 4 is pretty close


I agree with @evooba HHH vs TLTGYA was the hardest match…but to make it furious, I voted against HHH :cry:


Top 4 looks to win their matches
Can anyone stop them?


19 votes
Another 9 will seal the deal


Why 9 and not 11?


Because first fixture reached 28 votes
So to make it as even and equal as possible
So 28 is the limit


Time for bed
May the votes jump while i sleep