Battle of the Songs: Minutes To Midnight League Final Fixture


Please can all voters vote on all matches to make it even thank you

Here it is the final fixture
And there is 3pts on offer and there is only 3pts between 4th - 6th place
It is on

Fixture 11

  • No Roads Left
  • The Little Things Give You Away

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  • Bleed It Out
  • Given Up

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  • Valentine’s Day
  • In Between

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  • Leave Out All The Rest
  • Hands Held High

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  • No More Sorrow
  • In Pieces

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  • Shadow Of The Day
  • What I’ve Done

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Fixture 10 Results

Table so far


Can’t say the results are what I expected. Prrety disappointing.


Forgot to add
Given Up has also got a chance of finishing outside the top 4 if it loses to BIO

NRL needs WID and BIO to lose to have any chance
But it will also needs to beat TLTGYA

If BIO wins and WID draws GU will slip to 5th
LOATR needs a win to take top spot
Anything less and TLTGYA has the chance to be crowned Champion


And finally

IB and/or VD will get some points



Not so simple. The GD requirement suggests that there needs to be a landslide victory for NRL.


The hardest votes this time.


The final… the easy


NRL has an early lead though it’s going to take a pummeling as more people vote.


Good morning my LP family


So NRL wasn’t good enough to get top 4 but at the moment it’s good enough to beat TLTGYA


…that beat NMS (no, I won’t ever forget this!!) and almost any other song that went up against it.

Toughest one this time: Bleed It Out vs Given Up. The other ones were easy :slight_smile:


@Simy gets it
Only song that handed TLTGYA a loss was LOATR
NRL lost to a lot of songs that TLTGYA beat yet NRL is beating it


OMG (I never thought I’d ever use that acronym) NRL is actually winning O_O


Not long before the final fixture closes
Closes within the next 24hrs


Good morning world
Let the countdown begin
12hrs until the polls close


the results of the finish jury: lol european song contest [old school "TV SEARCHING SUPERSTAR]