Battle of the Songs: Minutes To Midnight League Final Results and Awards and New Twist Reveal


So here it is the final Results

The Final Table

Unbeaten Award: LOATR (10 wins 1 draw)
Biggest Disappointment: NRL
Biggest Loser: In Between (11 loses)
Best Match: LOATR v TLTGYA
Best Come Back: NRL managed to still get into top half of table even though it did so badly to begin with

Time for the 2nd Twist Reveal
So as you know I will be doing a HT:EPL
I was planning a losers of losers league to see which out of all the songs that finished in the bottom 2 in each league goes head to head

ATSL will launch soon
As explained before all the instrumental bits have been removed and Blackbirds will enter to bring the remaining songs to even number


I can’t get over NRL’s destruction



We´ll see what happens with the next fixture


What do we think of a worse of the worse league?


I’d like to see both worse of the worse and best of the best :slight_smile:


Don’t worry a champions league WILL happen when all leagues are done


I’d like too see one as well.


This may be suprising like some polls that end like I never thought… And after this the best of the best?


Can’t believe that LOATR is the winner and VD is almost the last one


There will be a champions league coming


imo there are no worse one lol
only loosers…a losing league of the last two of each league? mb really funny, and it may be a honor to them, set a poll on it? :joy::sunglasses:


Definitely not the results I was expecting.


hi @evooba, yes, me not too, but as nearly almost in life[!] lol, I give away my expectation right now, forever…lol :sweat_smile::sunglasses:


I agree with this idea as well :slight_smile:


I look forward to