Battle of the Songs: Minutes To Midnight League Fixture 10


Please can all voters vote on all matches in the fixture to make it fair and even

Fixture 10

  • No Roads Left
  • Given Up

0 voters

  • The Little Things Give You Away
  • In Between

0 voters

  • Bleed It Out
  • Hands Held High

0 voters

  • Valentine’s Day
  • In Pieces

0 voters

  • Leave Out All The Rest
  • What I’ve Done

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  • No More Sorrow
  • Shadow Of The Day

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Fixture 9 Results

Table so far


Wow, would write the fixure 9 blogpost right now, but it wasn´t neccessary…lol, but the 10th I will announce right now, not that the voters are faster again, lol :heart_eyes::sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue:


For once, I am the first one to vote!! :slightly_smiling:


Congrats :stuck_out_tongue:
blogpost set @theboss…lol joking me :sweat_smile: @acemasters



no thing [bleed it out digging deeper…] @amitrish,[ot if you look on your left side right now, what do you see first?]


Argh only VD vs IP was easy. LOATR vs WID and BIO vs HHH were really hard.


I had a really hard time deciding on this one.


NRL is gonna get smashed. Also, one person voted on the first poll but not the rest.


so @acemasters aren´t you able to see, who´s voting what? hi @the_termin8r1 aaand @EvoOba


I see 10 votes each and i haven’t voted on any to make it even ?!?


Now it’s all 11


No Roads Left and Given Up… ARGH


Again, no tough choices for me. It’s probably the easiest album for me to choose my favorites from. The toughest was fixtures 5 with NMS vs WID :slight_smile:


I was hoping all that after voting NRL to take part it would do well

Obviously not


Only another 6 votes
Polls to close in the next 12hrs



ok show me? lol @amitrish [die harder cheerio]


I see living people :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I prefer to say LIVING THINGS btw, when LT is on league cryings implied from my side hey @acemasters