Battle of the Songs: Minutes to Midnight League Fixture 2


Please can I ask voters to please vote on ALL MATCHES please to make it fair and even

I will close the poll when votes hit 28 votes or by Thursday morning (10am British Standard Time)
Whichever comes first

Fixture 2

  • No Roads Left
  • Valentine’s Day

0 voters

  • Leave Out All The Rest
  • Bleed It Out

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  • No More Sorrow
  • The Little Things Give You Away

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  • Shadow Of The Day
  • Given Up

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  • What I’ve Done
  • In Between

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  • In Pieces
  • Hands Held High

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Fixture 1 Results

Table so far


At first I was like “Wow, everyone voted for the same songs!” then I noticed I was the first to vote. Pretty easy picks this time


Damn, I wasn´t fast enough.


Easy one, only hard one was NMS vs Little Things.


I actually the bottom 3 will stay as the bottom 3
But loved to be proven wrong


agree with @evooba, HHH must get leading…:relaxed:
[@acemasters, probs with blogpost today, but I keep the “FAITH” lol I´m on redoing, :joy::sweat_smile::sunglasses:
[edit 1 the 3. try made it, as everytime…after the third try I almost ab giving up, but for BOTS I change this even, but happy me got it, in my inner frame…lol
edit 2 no need of understanding lol, :yum:]


Where’s Wake? One of the best songs from MTM!





Wake and No Roads Left was put to a vote couple weeks ago on which should make the cut and which should be dropped
And Wake lost so it was dropped as was Foreword during the Meteora League
Although Wake would do better, I still feel like every other instrumental fixture (ACFTI, Session)
It would most likely lose every match

Please note that I do have a couple of tricks up my sleeve, however, I am not confirming nor denying weither Wake or any other song dropped will still feature in the B.O.T.S leagues


Thank you @the_termin8r1


9 more votes and it will close

Got to go to work now but will check this afterwards


I just can’t believe that No More Sorrow is so behind TLYGA… but being maybe my most favorite LP track I just can’t understand an underappreciation of this song :smiley:


NMS is a great song, but TLTGYA is a masterpiece.


PLEASE remember to vote on ALL MATCHES to make it fair and even


cool! though miss Wake :confused: … Take care xD


Of course this is a matter of personale taste :slight_smile: I love TLTYGA but it isn’t in my personal LP top 10 :smiley: