Battle of the Songs: Minutes To Midnight League Fixture 3


Please can I ask all voters to vote on EVERY MATCH please to make it more fair and even

Fixture 3

  • No Roads Left
  • Leave Out All The Rest

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  • No More Sorrow
  • Valentine’s Day

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  • Shadow Of The Day
  • Bleed It Out

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  • What I’ve Done
  • The Little Things Give You Away

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  • In Pieces
  • Given Up

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  • Hands Held High
  • In Between

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Fixture 2 Results

Table so far


Polls will close after 28 votes or after 36hrs


Ugh! HHH vs In Between -.-


NRL vs. LOATR was hard. And again… too late for the first vote :wink:


What’s happening? I though people like NRL.



I actually thought NRL would do so much better

Guess not hahahahaha


:open_mouth: And again TLTGYA outperforms a favorite of mine. I wasn’t expecting such widespread love for this song.
Other than that, this round was fairly easy to me :slight_smile:


don´t forget ab HHH


This fixture has a bit to go


SURE and you´re power´s back lol hi @acemasters


Please remember to vote for ALL MATCHES to make it fair and even


Votes close very soon


ok ready steady=>GO


Couple more votes