Battle of the Songs: Minutes To Midnight League Fixture 8


It looks like the mighty TLTGYA has fallen against LOATR
LOATR now has a chance to be an unbeaten champion but unlike Numb it won’t be 11 out of 11 wins

With that here it is
Fixture 8

  • No Roads Left
  • Hands Held High

0 voters

  • In Between
  • In Pieces

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  • Given Up
  • What I’ve Done

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  • The Little Things Give You Away
  • Shadow Of The Day

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  • Bleed It Out
  • No More Sorrow

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  • Valentine’s Day
  • Leave Out All The Rest

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Fixture 7 Results

Table so far


NRL vs HHH and BIO vs NMS were tough decisions.


The top 4 can shift about after this fixture
If GU actually ends up losing and BIO wins
BIO will enter the top 4 with only 3 fixtures remaining

Also can IB finally score some points
It’s heading in that direction

With that said
Time for bed
Good night


Good morning world

Let the voting continue


Tough fixture

only VD vs LOATR and TLTGYA vs SOTD were easy to vote


The dreaded WID vs GU is here for me. Time to be potty-mouth. @acemasters you @&$^%#*(#(


hey guys, nice conv lol :sunglasses: blogpost is set @acemasters


[irony on]

Voted only for Wake, becaus… oh no WHERE IS WAKE?! ARGH

[irony off]


[irony off]
nice that you seem to WAKE up
lol :joy:

[irony on]


This round was easy too for me.
Am I wrong or is this the first time NMS is winning a pairing? :smiley:


Some of these are really close

This could go down to the last vote

Let’s push


Good morning my LP family


Hi @acemasters, you slept well? :relaxed:


As well as I can I guess


Only 4 more votes or polls close in 8 hrs


Someone didn’t vote for all the matches



I see 25 votes everywhere.


Me too. Though I did notice that once it didn’t register my vote for a song so I had to close the forum and open it again because a refresh didn’t work.


Yh it just fixed it self

And the only reason they all have 25 each because I had to vote for one (IB vs IP) to make it all square