Battle of the Songs: Minutes To Midnight League Fixture 9


Please please please can I ask ALL VOTERS to please please please VOTE ON ALL MATCHES in the fixture to make it fair and even

Fixture 9

  • No Roads Left
  • In between

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  • Given Up
  • Hands Held High

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  • The Little Things Give You Away
  • In Pieces

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  • Bleed It Out
  • What I’ve Done

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  • Valentine’s Day
  • Shadow Of The Day

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  • Leave Out All The Rest
  • No More Sorrow

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Fixture 8 Results

Table so far


NRL has a chance to win again.


Another easy round for me :slight_smile:
( :purple_heart: NMS :purple_heart: )


NRL still has a very slim chance of making top 4 as long as BIO and WID draw
It would cut the gap to 4pts with 2 games remaining (6pts on offer)


Ugh, NRL vs In Between :confused:


This fixture bit slow at the moment
But still plenty of votes to be had and change the out come


Not as hard as the 8. :wink:


BIO vs WID was tough.


I can feel you. I guess only we 2 know the pain.


It is close between BIO v WID
But LOATR v NMS is neck and neck
Can’t get any closer then that


This is becoming a great match


NMS is succumbing… again :cry:


Need the final push or polls will close in 6hrs