Battle of the Songs: Minutes To Midnight League Question


Quick question people
I am in a bit of a dilemma

Do I go for


  • Wake
  • No Roads Left
    For BOTS: M2ML
    Only one can go on

Battle of the Songs: Minutes to Midnight League Fixture 2

no Q a MUST


NRL is probs one of their best songs ever.


THIS! It’s amazing how good Mike did on it.


Yup, NRL is an amazing song. One of my favorites.


hey guys 100% agreement lol makes me happyat the end of my day, s bye now, sleep well, birthday shopping gave me the rest today, alora BUONA NOTTE A TUTTI


Looks like Wake will be dropped and No Roads Left will take its place


I think for Minutes to Midnight we should have a contest where everyone guesses what they think the results will be


Yh…will do that before i do the actual thing haha


Though I voted for NRL yesterday, I just want to know why it’s being included in the MTM section when it was a bonus track and not an original inclusion.


Since it was a bonus track for the album and not a live bonus track or remix, but an original song
Thought NRL deserved a chance to fight with the rest of M2M
And Wake being a Opening/Instrumental
I thought they should battle to see which deserves the chance


You might want to make a special section for bonus songs, since you didn’t include My December in Hybrid Theory, and technically, if you go by iTunes, Across the Line is now considered a Minutes to Midnight bonus track


Although I voted for NRL, it’d be fair to give Wake a chance considering Session competed against the rest of the Meteora songs.


There is a reason why High Voltage and My December didn’t make HTL
Which will be revealed at a later stage


Well, makes since. It can’t be considered a song. It’s a very short intro. Session and Wake are Interludes (same as the ones on ATS)


As @TripleXero mentioned, and as I have suggested many times (though you never consider it. Damn you!), I think NRL should stay away from the main entrants. Let’s stick to the original CD listing. No tour editions, special editions, or any of the Japanese editions/iTunes editions/Wal-Mart editions/Best Buy editions/ or Live Around the World editions.
Keep it simple. :wink:


But 21 out 22 votes voted for NRL

…it not’s about convincing me
It’s convincing the voters that voted for NRL to feature

Now I am in a bit of a pickle

How bad would it be if I don’t honour my word


Besides when ATSL comes around all the breaks/instrumentals are being dropped

I may do a Disguarded league :stuck_out_tongue:


do what ever you like, @acemasters, it´s a bit feedback, ok, and you/we´ll grow with ya feedbacks guys, so go on, may the best version be REALIZED:::lol:joy::sunglasses:

more and more in muse, wow, got me hard triggerd, these muse…


To be honest, I didn’t know what I was voting for. I thought it was just which we liked better