Battle of the Songs NEWS


It has been a long while and thought i’d get online some how and give you my fellow B.O.T.S fans some news

So, as it stands I still am sourcing a replacement phone to get B.O.T.S back up and running, and hope to have one very soon

Don’t worry, B.O.T.S WILL RETURN, however, I have debated if I should restart the most current B.O.T.S League
All the over leagues that have finished will still stand and the top 4 in those leagues will still go forward to the next stage B.O.T.S: Champions League

For those that have missed me, I am sorry not to be in touch sooner, but hope to be back soon, until then


wow so great evening tonight, seems to be everybody on board, hi @acemasters, thought ab ya, happy to hear from ya Soldier, how is it going???:kissing::hugging::thumbsup::v:

won´t we??


spread the word
i could be returning sometime in the coming weeks

ace masters is returning…



Good to hear, now we just need @amitrish back who’s mysteriously and suddenly gone MIA. Also, I’d spread the word but blogs are for LPU account holders only :confused:


Hope to see you back soon, @acemasters :slight_smile:


What exactly did the app you had do? If it was something simple, I could maybe make a replacement for the computer, or find an alternative