Battle of the Songs: One More Light League Round 3



Note: Please do not vote for One More Light just for the sake of voting for it, if you prefer the song it is up against then vote for that song. If you truely prefer One More Light over the song it faces, then by all means vote for it

Remember to vote on every match or your votes will not count

  • Sharp Edges
  • Talking To Myself

0 voters

  • Battle Symphony
  • Good Goodbye

0 voters

  • Nobody Can Save Me
  • Invisible

0 voters

  • Heavy
  • One More Light

0 voters

  • Halfway Right
  • Sorry For Now

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Round 2 Result

Table so far

It’s Ready


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List 2


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Top 4 have won both matches but now face off as 1st takes on 3rd and 2nd takes on 4th
This can change EVERYTHING


Did them in 7-8 seconds… just a bit stuck jn battle symphony vs good goodbye :v:


Yeah some of these are gonna be very easy for me


Hard one- especially Nobody can save me now vs Invisible- :open_mouth:


It was a little complicated for me choose between BS and GGB, and Invisible and NCSM


Talking to myself vs. Sharp Edges, kinda hard :smiley:


Yea, that was the toughest matchup for me as well


Heavy is getting spanked and is heading for a heavy defeat
Halfway Right is halfway to a first win
Invisible is invisble this time
Good Goodbye is facing another beating
And Sharp Edges is too blunt to cause damage to Talking To Myself


Yaaay! :smile:



This league is doing well with over 20 votes on each round

Thank you all


Poll closes tomorrow morning (British Summer Time) and new poll up tomorrow evening or Sunday morning


@acemasters can you add me to the tag list?


Of course it is done