Battle of the Songs: One More Light League



It’s back
And time for One More Light to take the stage

Each will face off against each other

HOWEVER, in honor of Chester Bennington, One More Light will get an Automatic Win for the first round and will recieve the same amount of votes as the lowest scoring win of the round


If Sharp Edges beat NCSM 10-4, but Battle Symphony beat SFN 8-6, OML will win 8-6 against it’s song regardless to who it faces

This is just for the first round

Any objections, you can take it up with my ass as it’t the only one that gives a crap (lol)

All seriousness though any objections will be noted but will not change the idea


  • Sharp Edges
  • Nobody Can Save Me

0 voters

  • One More Light (Automatic Win For R1)
  • Good Goodbye

0 voters

  • Halfway Right
  • Talking To Myself

0 voters

  • Battle Symphony
  • Sorry For Now

0 voters

  • Heavy
  • Invisible

0 voters


It’s Ready

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An easy round for me. Thanks for bring it back, Ace!


Heey yo master of the battle- @acemasters thank you so much you bring the fun back :tada:What happens to good goodbye then? No points? That’s not fair!


Thank you for bringing it back @acemasters ! :sun_with_face:
One More Light has a special meaning… It would be difficult to vote against it… :heart:


Heavy vs Invisible was tough for me (I feel you guys glaring at me :joy:)


:unamused: :joy: No, it’s ok… maybe… :grin: :hugs:


@theearlywalker to be honest I think OML would of wiped out Good Goodbye


My votes are totally random here as I only really like 2 songs from the album (SFN and OML).


We all know that OML is most likely going to win the league


Btw…where’s all the tag lists? I remember you used to do 3 or more posts for them… :thinking:


Oh yeah lol @lpfan61 haha


Cant be bothered to find them lmao


:flushed: :crazy_face: Go to some old battle and copy-paste :grin:


Yes- face to face I can agree- but for its spot on the table it makes a difference… @acemasters - because it has one battle less…


This is true however if it would of lost to OML it would still get 0 points and its why i said the lowest scoring so it doesnt lose out to many votes


Ok boss :grin: !


:point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

:grin: :muscle:


Am I the only person getting fed up of OML as a song? It’s been overplayed to the point of irritation for me, which is a shame because I actually like the song.


Love this and I would like to be kept updated pls @acemasters thanks :smiley:


I would like to take part of this battle please @acemasters Thank you! :smile:

The last vote between Heavy and Invisible is sooo hard! :grin: