Battle of the Songs: Reanimation Elimination Match 1


So since B.O.T.S: TRT Elimination was such a hit thought I would use the same format for Reanimation
However a little shake up for this one, because there is 15 tracks instead of bottom 4 being eliminated only the bottom 3 for each match will be eliminated
for first match you have 5 votes
Let the elimination begin

[poll type=multiple min=5 max=5 name=multiple]

  • Pts.OF.Athrty
  • Enth E ND
  • Frgt/10
  • P5hng Me A*wy
  • Plc.4 Mie Hæd
  • X-Ecutioner Style
  • H! Vltg3
  • Wth>You
  • Ppr:Kut
  • Rnw@y
  • My<Dsmbr
  • By_Myslf
  • Kyur4 th Ich
  • 1Stp Klosr
  • Krwlng


tag anyone i missed


How can you ask a mother to choose her favorite child?




well, so far X-Ecutioner (kinda guessed that one), Rnw@y are part of the bottom 3
However, we have a 3 way tie for the 3rd bottom team: Plc.4 Mie Haed, Kyur4 th Ich (actually predicted this one would also get no votes lol) and My<Dsmbr

Anything can change


back and voted…shall I post this league ( if I get access to the account on mainsite, but I am optimistic…)


:slight_smile: glad to have ya back
missed your blog posts :smiley:
thank you :slight_smile:

@AJ_7 I will re-add ya to my original tag list :slight_smile:


thanx :blush: [ when the migration´s finally is done, I start the postings :relaxed: …if I can access the posting site then again… :pray: ]


Maybe do it for the next match because I am going to close this one and move on to the next one