Battle of the Songs: Reanimation Elimination Match 3


Match 2 is done and dusted and the bottom 3 is Plc.4 Mie Haed, Enth E ND and Kyur4 Th Ich

Once again P5hng Me A*wy finished on top with Krwlng coming in 2nd
and a 4 way tie for 3rd/4th/5th/6th

The songs are slowly being whittled down, who will come out on top
Can ANY song topple P5hng Me A*wy or is it destined to stay out on top and win overall in the final match…Only time will tell

Match 3 will only be 3 votes, this match bottom 3 also will be eliminated
And the final match 2 votes, the top 4 will go on to the next champions league

[poll type=multiple min=3 max=3 name=multiple]

  • Pts.OF.Athrty
  • Frgt/10
  • P5hng Me A*wy
  • H! Vltg3
  • Wth>You
  • Ppr:Kut
  • By_Myslf
  • 1Stp Klosr
  • Krwlng


tag anyone i missed


Well when the match begun and the first few votes was in i thought P5hng Me A*wy wasn’t gonna get top spot, but looks like it will once again


lol Ace, a Q: have I to vote for the songs I like most or am I supposed to vote for the songs I don t really love?


The ones you like. Why would pushing me away be on top if it were the other way?


lol got it ( and voted) completely other way round , upsitedown… :joy:


it is the latter, vote for your fav and the less fav songs get eliminated


as far asI get my membership back, I go on posting the league… :stuck_out_tongue:


H! Vltg3, Ppr:Kut and Pts.OF.Athrty is heading out, or can they be saved