Battle of the Songs: Reanimation Final Elimination Match


Match 3 is done and dusted and the bottom 3 is H! Vltg3, Ppr: Kut and Pts.OF.Athrty

Once again P5hng Me A*wy finished on top, 1stp Klosr came 2nd with Frgt/10 and Krwlng tied for 3rd and 4th

Can NO song stop P5hng Me A*wy?

The Final match 2 votes, the top 4 will go on to the next champions league
In an event of a tie for the top 4 places a tie breaker will settle the score

[poll type=multiple min=2 max=2 name=multiple]

  • Frgt/10
  • P5hng Me A*wy
  • Wth>You
  • By_Myslf
  • 1Stp Klosr
  • Krwlng


tag anyone i missed


(le cough) -.-


That was harrrrrdddd (sobies) Krwlng, P5hng Me A*wy and By_Myslf are my favorites and no one voted for By_Myslf are you serious?


I expected Frgt/10 to be first and not P5hng Me A*wy to be honest.


My young sister and brother would also rap that song. The song is pretty cool as well…and for some odd reason…I never liked my remix…it’s the complete opposite of what I am ;-;


BUT!!! Hands down! The best song from Reanimation is and will always be KRWLNG!!!


I did \o

What a weird way to spell 1stp klosr


That one was the hardest in the new format))


If it remains this way By_Myslf and Frgt/10 will face off one on one for fourth place




I know that it is months now but I’m going to choose the music any way.


I love p5hng Me A*wy and krwlng



Battle of the Songs: Battle of the Music Video has started

The Semi-Finals begins tomorrow

And keep your eyes peeled for the next Battle of the Songs (B.O.T.S)


ok thank you ill keep notice :slight_smile: