Battle of the Songs: Road To Revolution Elimination League Round 2


I was really gutted to lose PMA as well. I can’t hear/watch this performance without getting chills.


You’ve only shaved off about a minute.


and that isn’t fair. Some live version of “not so popular songs” are so much better than the “mainstream songs”.


I chose my words carefully. I never said I was saving your time, I said I was saving your video count. I knew this point would be made. I think this version has the additional 3 songs too. So, taking everything into account, I am actually entertaining you for another 9-10minutes.


Fair point, though my issue stems not from video quantity, but from duration.


I understood that but, unlike you right now, I had enough time to ensure that I make an unnecessary joke and then argue on it for 24hrs.
All the best for assignments and tests.