Battle of the Songs: Road To Revolution Elimination League



So here is the next stage of Champions League Live

A few things before we get started.

The Live Album is 22 songs and a poll max amount is 20 selections, so I have decided to drop Numb/Encore and to fuse Wake 2.0 with Given Up

Each round you will get a set amount of votes, you must use ALL your votes or you won’t be able to vote

I want you to concider the song as it is played on Road To Revolution and nothing else, not the studio version of the song or because you like the studio version, I want you to vote for the song because of the way its sung on the live album.

With that in mind lets begin

  • One Step Closer
  • From the Inside
  • No More Sorrow
  • Wake 2.0/Given Up
  • Lying from You
  • Hands Held High (A cappella)
  • Leave Out All the Rest
  • Numb
  • The Little Things Give You Away
  • Breaking the Habit
  • Shadow of the Day
  • Crawling (contains elements from “Krwlng”)
  • In the End
  • Pushing Me Away (Piano Version)
  • What I’ve Done
  • Jigga What/Faint (with Jay-Z)
  • Bleed It Out
  • Somewhere I Belong
  • Papercut
  • Points of Authority (With Petrified intro & There They Go outro)

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It’s Ready


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Difficult like this! :scream:


@acemasters you sir are diabolic!



What can I say?


I don’t even know what I’m voting for. I don’t listen to live stuff. Just going by how I know the songs to be live in general. :joy:


I had to think a little on this one this one was difficult


hard to choose…


Not participating, I’m not familiar enough with these performances


Or you can spray and pray like me. :joy:


yeah 7 out of 20 - come on, what a diabolic first round :rofl:


7 is plenty lol


For those who don’t remember RTR: The album oprns with OSC. So you know it is a good album. Now vote for OSC + 6 Others :metal:


This one is super interesting. So much to consider before choosing. Bravo!


Same for me! :blush:


I was at this amazing concert

The only Projekt Revolution UK show