Battle of the songs Round 1 Results


First things first
Should the 24 songs through go straight into knockouts or 2nd stage group stage



And here is the results from round 1

Group A
Winner: Lost In The Echo
Runner Up: Keys To The Kingdom

Group B
Winner: Somewhere I Belong
Runner Up: One Step Closer

Group C
Winner: With You
Runner Up: Lying From You

Group D
Winner: Points Of Authority
Runner Up: Waiting For The End

Group E:
Winner: Crawling
Runner Up: Easier To Run

Group F
Winner: Faint
Runner Up: Runaway

Group G
Winner: By Myself
Runner Up: No More Sorrow

Group H
Winner: In The End
Runner Up: Breaking The Habit

Group I
Winner: A Place For My Head
Runner Up: Final Masquerade

Group J
Winner: A Line In The Sand
Runner Up: Forgotten

Group K
Winner: Numb
Runner Up: The Little Things Give You Away

Group HT
Winner: High Voltage
Runner Up: A Part Of Me

To decide who will face who I will use a random generator numbers 1 - 24 to make it as fair as possible


wow didn´t felt, that I made so much desicions these days, it´s great to see the winners/follow up ones in line, thank you @acemaster (ot hope you forgive me my challange lie cause the way you did it is very good :heartpulse:)


I have used a random generator thanks to
And this is the order the songs will appear in the next round

A Line In The Sand
In The End
With You

A Place For My Head
Lying From You
The Little Things Give You Away
Lost In The Echo

Points Of Authority
Somewhere I Belong
Waiting For The End

By Myself
No More Sorrow
Breaking The Habit
Keys To The Kingdom

Final Masquerade
High Voltage

Easier To Run
One Step Closer
A Part Of Me

Thanks buddy @The_early_walker :blush:


not even one, as I´ve seen so far, that is easy, to decide we vote than everytime one of four? For me at least its sure that I will make a playlist, @acemaster, plans to share/post your work result anywhere?! It´s worth, and I hope you give it a try to earn the applause :ok_hand:


If you wished to make playlist then go ahead
But for me im not gonna over complicate the game any further then i already have lol

I need to figure weither it will be only the winner of each group goes through or if top 2 advances


you ever tried to write a post with a fresh cream hand/finger? without mouse on the laptop like a hynotoad toad, so if it wouldnt mind i´ll make the playlist on soundcloude Co @acemasters :sweet_potato: & LPUXV birthdaypresent! I´think a k.o, the best of all groups, maybe later on the B-sides on another playlist, so come over with the final poll!!