Battle of the Songs Round 2 Final Group


Here it is the final group


  • Easier To Run
  • One Step Closer
  • Runaway
  • A Part Of Me


A part of me wants to Runaway because I’m One step closer to the edge and it’s Easier to run :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Winners will be revealed when the group closes in a couple of days

I will also will once again use a random generator to assign the semi-finalist


Wow, One Step Closer is running away with it! The song that introduced LP to the world! Awesome :smile:


That’s the easiest one of all I think.


Wow maybe I should just say that OSC is the winner hahaha


And I still can’t believe that in the previous voting, High Voltage lost to Numb…


It was down to a single vote


If OSC continues it’s dominance in this group I will declare it the winner tomorrow


@acemasters so you rigged it??? :angry:


Not in so many words
For example there was a point where my vote put HV in front

But then there was a change and HV Numb was neck and neck even with my vote on HV therefore to break the tie break i went for Numb to give it the extra vote

It was easier then holding a tie breaker