Battle of the Songs Round 2 Group 4


Faint group 1 winner
A Place For My Head group 2 winner
Points Of Authority group 3 winner


  • By Myself
  • No More Sorrow
  • Breaking The Habit
  • Keys To The Kingdom


Wow, I really expected Breaking the Habit to easily win


I too had thought BTH would spank this group
Goes to show the different taste people have


not only diff type of taste but BTH is an evergreen (and mb we broke all our habbits?) and the new songs are seem to always loose against the old Hymnes, and so it get visible and feelable that the new ones are gonna get Hymnes too, did they played it ever live? If smo has a linkeI like to see, cause it´s so fast, would be great but heavy as live performance…


BTH is tied
This makes the final stretch very interesting


think so also, and it brings sm new energy to this here


@acemasters when do this poll closes?


Tomorrow evening


AMAZING :heart_eyes:



@acemasters please let the poll open till 24:00h I alarmed sm soldiers, :heart_eyes:


Holy s**t 24 votes…
Thank you for making this spectacular
And to those spreading the word massive thank you


How can By Myself be losing this badly?


This was always gonna tip the scales one way or another

Europe - The Final Countdown (<----- part of my challenge)


Amazing isn´t it? Love all LPU soldiers :heart:!!!


great songs! xD


Make that 27. Where did everyone come from?


I think @The_early_walker had something to do with it :laughing: